Peer Study Club

Dr. David Hiranaka is the Director of the Hawaii Interactive Peer Practicum (HIPP) study club. HIPP is affiliated with the Seattle Study Club network which is designed to promote lifelong learning in dentistry and is often referred to as a university without walls. Dr. Hiranaka organizes monthly courses where members participate in hands-on demonstrations, problem-solving workshops, panel discussions and clinical treatment planning sessions as well as inviting internationally known speakers to share information at local meetings.

Dr. Hiranaka’s pursuit of continuing education and quality patient care is the motivating factor for creating a high quality study club in the community; the Seattle Study Club is recognized as one of the most advanced continuing education groups for dental professionals in the nation. Seattle Study Club is an international network of over 250 affiliated clubs with a combined membership of 6,700 dentists.

Through HIPP dentists keep abreast of the latest developments, treatment options and techniques available to their patients. “Ultimately, the information and knowledge shared by dental professionals in these meetings elevates the level of quality dental care we can provide to patients here on the Big Island” says Dr. Hiranaka. “This is a big step forward in the health and well-being of our community.”

Members of other Seattle Study Clubs are welcome to participate in any of the scheduled courses. Just e-mail the club’s Coordinator, Donna Hiranaka, at:

The mission of the Hawaii Interactive Peer Practicum is to provide exceptional continuing education within a diverse community of mentors

Hawaii Interactive Peer Practicum Members

David K Hiranaka, MD, DMD

Advisory Board
Dr. Brad Ching, Endodontist
Dr. Richard Courson, Prosthodontist
George Maragos, Lab Technician
Dr. Errol Yim, Orthodontist
Dr. Carter Yokoyama, Restorative

Donna Hiranaka


Dr. Yaser Alsaadi
Dr. Brad Ching
Dr. Kris Devers
Dr. Joseph Coleman
Dr. Doug Dierenfield
Dr. Trevor Hartwell
Dr. David Hiranaka
Dr. Brian Kubo
Dr. Jochen Madeisky
George Maragos, CDT
Dr. Leesa Miyasato
Dr. Mark Muramoto
Dr. Hong Murray
Dr. Satya Nayak
Dr. Melissa Nitta
Dr. Garrett Oka
Dr. Steven Pine
Dr. Frank Sayre
Dr. Kelly Shaw
Dr. Alex Spivak
Dr. Kevin Stuef
Dr. Luke Tarver
Dr. Colin Taylor
Dr. Dan Walker
Dr. Errol Yim
Dr. Carter Yokoyama

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